Dike Road Trees Petition Gets Non-Reponse From U.S. Army

//Dike Road Trees Petition Gets Non-Reponse From U.S. Army

Dike Road Trees Petition Gets Non-Reponse From U.S. Army

We just received the lamest of lame responses from the U.S. Army in response to our petitions. Taking cover behind “pending litigation,” U.S. Army Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy barely acknowledges our community’s outpouring of support for the dike road trees with a hugely disappointing “I cannot comment further at this time” letter.

In its entirety:

This is in response to your letter dated Nov 28, which expressed concerns about the planned removal of trees located on the Federally-authorized levee in the city of Coeur d’Alene. I apologize for the delay in responding.

I appreciate the importance of this issue to the city and to the members of your organization. In fact, it is a matter of intense interest to many communities and groups across the nation.

Because of pending litigation on this issue, I cannot comment further at this time. However, thank you for your letter and for your interest in the Army Civil Works Program.

Very truly yours,

Jo-Ellen Darcy

Yes, litigation is pending. But really, with more than 4400 signatures from our relatively small community, delivered via a U.S. Congressman’s office, we were expecting more.  Secretary Darcy will be hearing more from us soon.


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