The paranoid silliness of the Bonner County Property Rights Council has evidently gone national. A far-right website (in their Homeland Security section, of course) has picked up on the establishment of the Property Rights Council and is promoting it as a heroic development in a battle against the forces of the United Nations and their monstrous “Agenda 21.” The headline calls the Bonner County Property Rights Council a “Major New Weapon in the Fight Against the UN.”

 “Obviously, if Agenda 21 and its mindset of government control is to be reigned in, clearly, something needs to be done to provide a strong voice for protection and defense of the property owners. Such a plan of action has now been developed by County Commissioner Cornel Rasor of Bonner County, Idaho. He calls it a Property Rights Council.”

The over-wrought column, quoting County Commissioner Rasor and Assistant County Prosecutor Scott Bauer, describes the Property Rights Council and its functioning within the County’s government. The PRC, says the article, will indoctrinate county employees to “impact the permit process; the way inspectors treat property owners; elimination of invasive or unnecessary regulations; and over-zealous ticket writers.” (Over-zealous ticket writers?)

The PRC will lead the fight against the U.N. as well as “the Sustainablists,” a term which is new to us, but we assume includes us at KEA.

“Perhaps of most importance, the PRC provides the framework for countering the Sustainablist’s legal assault. Specifically, the PRC will interface with a network of free market think tanks which can and will provide legal opinions, reports, and even lawyers to substantiate the property rights legal position. They provide expertise, credibility and a legal force to counter the massive force of the Sustainablists that now overwhelm county officials when a property rights question is at issue.”

Really? “Sustainablists” are overwhelming Bonner County officials?

The article describes efforts by Commissioner Rasor and Assistant Prosecutor Bauer to take the PRC national. According to the article, “Their goal now is to help others establish such councils in every community, in every state.” Indeed, “Rasor and Bauer are making themselves available to anyone seeking to create a council. They have created tools and an action plan to help local activists start the process to create their own local PRC. They will teach those interested how to lay the ground work; how to select and approach the proper commissioner to get the ball rolling in their community; and finally to get the whole concept on the docket for consideration.”

To learn more about this massive new national campaign, KEA sent a public records request to Bonner County requesting communications from Rasor and Bauer relating to this new effort. But our request was denied within a matter of minutes this morning. According to Scott Bauer, “Cornel and I have had personal contacts … only in our personal capacity on our own time and not purporting in anyway to represent the County.  This is our prerogative as private citizens and Idaho’s Public Records Act does not entitle the public to the private communications of public officials especially given that these communications were channeled through our private email accounts.”  We don’t think his tortured view of public records will survive legal scrutiny, but we are reviewing our legal options.

Meanwhile, United Nations, watch out! Bonner County is coming for you.