Need A Dike Road Trees Petition?

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Need A Dike Road Trees Petition?

Rosenberry Trees Petition

By popular demand: download a copy here, circulate it to friends and neighbors, and return it to us at KEA!

UPDATE: Here’s the online version. Link to it, email it, post it to your facebook friends!

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  1. Michael F. LaScuola August 23, 2011 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    The aesthetic and spiritual splendor of this place demands that a critical assessment be made to determine if the Army Corps of Engineers conclusion to remove the trees is the only resolve to this issue. It has been my experience that the Corps makes inconsiderate rulings that suit the Corps (see formerly used defense site contamination determinations).
    Regardless this area has unique circumstances that survive floods by dam control and alternate outlets.
    It might even be better if all else fails to build an outer dike if for any reason to build it to current safety specifications and still preserve the tree-lined causeway.

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