We finally confirmed a juicy rumor we heard earlier this morning that Wes Hanson – KEA Board member and Art Manley Award winner — was just appointed to fill one of two vacancies on the Kootenai County Planning Commission.  The other new appointee is Collin Coles, a former planner for the City of Post Falls.

The Planning Commission will have a central role in the upcoming development of a new and updated zoning and development code. The complicated overhaul is long overdue, with much of the current code dating back to the 1970s. (New Commissioner Coles will be able to draw on his code-development experience in Post Falls, which adopted an innovative Smart Code scheme for land use regulation while Coles was chief planner there.)

Wes, who has put in long hours influencing the development of the County’s comprehensive plan, and has a long history of involvement in land conservation and protecting rural values, will be a fantastic addition to the Planning Commission.